Talking about the PWA world, there are more and more players joining the PWA theme race. MageWorld is among them that recently has introduced a solution for eCommerce websites built on the Magento platform – MageWorld PWA theme for Magento 2.

Unfortunately, the demo site of this theme is currently inaccessible, so you might have to contact the company to get the link. We encourage you to get prior experiences before coming to our opinions to get the most objective view.

About MageWorld Company

MageWorld is a Magento themes and extensions development company launched in 2009, based in Vietnam.

They have built over 40 extensions for Magento 1 and 2 and delivered many projects in their 12 years in the website development industry.

MageWorld’s Magento service list includes website optimization, extension customization, extension builder, data migration, website builder, and maintenance.

MageWorld PWA Theme For Magento

1. Technology

Magento PWA Studio

PWA Studio and Venia theme were used to create MageWorld’s PWA theme, resulting in a visualized outcome of the storefront for developers and Magento merchants after the integration.  

2. Design

There is no public demo for this theme so we cannot give any review about the theme design.

3. Functionality


In MageWorld’s PWA theme, multiple payment options are available: 

  • Klarna
  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Payment by check/money order
  • Payment on delivery
  • Bank transfer
  • Purchase order

Multiple websites are supported, and payment methods can be customized for each one. 

Additionally, it provides basic eCommerce features as following:

  • Price scope 
  • Customer account 
  • Product scope – website, store, or store view
  • Different URLs per store
  • Home Page CMS
  • Category trees
  • Menu-navigation
  • CMS pages

In fact, MageWorld did not give any commitment to the PWA and Magento key features. Therefore, whether its theme meets the criteria of a standard PWA theme for Magento stores or not is still open to question.


The theme also has a few special features, for example:

  • Store locator integration

This is a unique built-in feature that makes this theme distinct from the other. With it, your consumers may quickly find stores by typing a few letters into the Address box. 

Customers can quickly locate, and the module will automatically display the nearest offline stores no matter where they are.

  • Integration with mega menu

The integrated mage menu will make your PWA page more striking to users and improve their experience on the site. This will also assist your content is becoming more clear and appealing and boost SEO for your PWA page.

However, nothing can work well without a skeleton. Thus, despite those special features, we still suppose that the MageWorld Magento PWA theme’s performance is not guaranteed.

4. Costs

The total cost of MageWorld’s Magento PWA theme development service is exorbitant – $2,999. 

Because they do not publicize any information about the installation and customization service fee, we think you need to leave them a message to know more about this.

5. Updates & Support

The premium theme has several accompanied services, including free lifetime updates and support and a 90-day money-back policy. 

However, it seems that MageWorld’s team is not able to realize those commitments. There is much negative feedback on their support services on social networks. As the team is not professional when they do not reply to complaint emails fast, their customers often respond that they did not receive help on time. 

6. Documentation

There is no documentation about the theme’s architecture and how to configure its features. Everything you get is a meager product description.

7. Others

Many illustration images on their website were taken from many sources on the Internet, which shows unprofessionalism.

Also, we sent the company some messages asking for the theme demo (via live chat) but getting no responses.

mageworld magento pwa theme

Final Words

Overall, MageWorld’s Magento PWA theme is overpriced compared to the benefits you can get from it. We think that MageWorld introduced its PWA theme for Magento just to show their clients that they can provide a wide range of services included PWA while they are not really investing in their product quality as well as not specializing in it.

All things considered, we don’t recommend anyone to use the MageWorld PWA theme for Magento 2.

MageWorld PWA Theme For Magento Review