In the past few years, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have drawn more attention and become the latest trend in the eCommerce world. For this reason, Magento solutions providers all over the world rush to release their own Magento PWA themes to get a chance to dominate the market. BSS Commerce with their product Speedy – a PWA theme for Magento is no exception.

Here is the link to its demo version, which will give you a brief overview of its look and feel.

About BSS Commerce Company

BSS Commerce is a Vietnam-based company founded in 2012, working on comprehensive web solutions.

The company offers a wide range of Magento and Magento 2 extensions for B2B business, SEO optimization, user experience, and more.

It has given 40+ Magento extensions and 120+ Magento 2 extensions thus far. They also provide web development and migration services across multiple platforms so that customers can benefit from their extensive ecosystem.

BSS Commerce’s Speedy Magento PWA Theme

Obviously, the BSS Commerce PWA theme for Magento 2 wishes to stress the fast-loading speed. They commit to an increasing in conversion rate up to 110% after the PWA integration.

The theme is compatible with Magento 2.3.3 and above.

1. Technology

Magento PWA Studio

Speedy is built with a PWA Studio base, making it perfectly compatible with Magento stores. Another good point is that this tool’s library allows it to minimize the possibility of code conflicts between the PWA storefront and the Magento backend.

PWA Studio is the reason why the Speedy theme only enables the development, implementation, and maintenance of PWA storefronts on Magento 2.3 and higher.


Speedy uses node JS to make it simple for users to create server-side web apps.

2. Design

Due to its responsiveness, the BSS Commerce’s PWA theme is able to run smoothly on any device, including both desktops and mobiles.


bss commerce pwa theme

product list page

product page

speedy pwa theme demo

customer sign in

bsscommerce pwa theme for magento 2

my wishlist

On the home page, there is a creative banner block with a list of categories inside. When we hover over any category, the banner behind is changed accordingly. The page header is also neat and clean.

However, this homepage is boring with just one banner block and one product list (New Arrival/ Featured Product/ Sale Off).

When hovering over the product image with the add-to-cart button flying in from the top, the effect is not so attractive. Also, there is just a little information on the page footer, leading to much negative space.

Moving on to the category page, the sorting feature position probably needs to move from the center to the right, which is weird now. Besides, we notice that the theme is missing the Add to wishlist and Add to compare functions. Additionally, the layered navigation should be improved by adding a price slider and color swatches.

On the product page, the design is quite disappointing. There is a lot of redundant space, making the product image block too low, so we cannot see a full image. The image block and item name even are not in the same line.

It seems that this is an incomplete Magento PWA theme with many careless pages. We don’t think that it can be applied in reality without huge customization.


speedy magento pwa theme

Overall, the mobile design can cover some weaknesses of the theme on the desktop view. However, the theme is quite simple, and nothing can make us “wow” about it.

3. Functionality


As a real PWA, the Speedy theme of BSS Commerce is fast, responsive, cross-platform, linkable, and added to the device’s home screen.

Nonetheless, it seems that some core Magento features are missing. We guess that the theme is built on Magento PWA Studio without recovering and adding more default features like other PWA themes (e.g., TigrenPWA, ScandiPWA).


We did not find any advanced features in the BSSCommerce’s Speedy theme. On their websites, they say a lot about the benefits of PWA in general instead of showing off their theme functionality.

Therefore, besides the elementary functions of PWA and a Magento website, if you want to get an effective storefront, you may need to buy and integrate their PWA-ready extensions: 

  • One-step checkout: $99 
  • Order delivery date: $79
  • Configurable Product Grid Table View: $79
  • Checkout Custom Field: $119
  • Product Labels: $119
  • Gift Card: $119
  • Reward Points: $199

4. Costs


We are not sure about the price of the BSS Commerce PWA theme for Magento. There is an option of “Get free theme” if we schedule a call and discuss with them.


As the theme is open-source, you have to download and set it up yourself. You can also purchase BSSCommerce’s installation service. However, the easiest way is to purchase their PWA extensions and get everything done, which we highly recommend. 


The cost of the PWA Themes customization service will be determined by the additional features you want to include as well as your business needs. If you have any customized requests, you have to contact BSS Commerce to get the estimated price. 

5. Documentation

BSS Commerce has a separate Wiki site to publish the documentation for their products. You can find the installation and user guide there, which are written in detail.

The Bottom Line

It’s critical to learn about PWA and begin adjusting to this cutting-edge technology if you want your company to keep up with the advances in this ever-changing market.

To seize the opportunity, Speedy could be one of your options for specialization in mobile commerce, although we can say that its BSS Commerce’s extensions outweigh the theme. Anyway, you can utilize their best and combine them in your PWA.

Hope that this post has provided you with all of the information you need regarding the BSS Commerce PWA theme for Magento and know whether they can meet your expectation or not.

BSS Commerce PWA Theme For Magento Review

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